13 September 2005

Back in the states and back at work, though moving to Cape Cod for a glorious fall feels more like an extended vacation.

I started the office and lab portion of my first job since graduating from college. My boss thought I'd want to spend most of last week getting moved into my office. Maybe a relatively inconsequential task, but it made me feel completely unprepared to take on any sort of real-world job. I brought two of my plant physiology text books, a picture of Mac and I, and a few pens and pencils in a canning jar. I spent the rest of the day disinterestedly reading a chapter on how various abiotic factors affect plant respiration and filling out an application to a bookstore in town.

Moving into our winter rental was a little easier. We took down and stored most of the kitchy beach house decorations. We haven't quite figured out what to do about the life-size plaster mermaid in the kitchen.

12 September 2005

From Word for the Wise at m-w.com. The story today is about H. L. Mencken, a newspaperman and leading authority on American English in the 1880's. The article says that, "Mencken defined . . . immorality as 'the morality of those who are having a better time.'" He also defined love as "the triumph of imagination over intelligence."

I think I might like this guy.